Year In Review: Wearing

Over the years, as I have blogged, I have wondered about this niche that I post about!  

On the one hand I do think it's sort of funny and odd, this whole blogging about what we wear.  I don't wear anything crazy, I'm not some model trying to gain exposure, most of what I wear is pretty basic, and the places that I buy them are pretty much consistently the same!  I'm not sure these posts are adding any 'value' to you my readers.  Why then?  

Well, let's be honest, it may be funny behavior, but so many of us like it!!!  We like seeing what others are wearing!  I know I do!  I don't wear anything crazy, but I do secretly wish I was a model walking the runways!  Did you know that me and my best friend growing up used to go to stores and try on fancy dresses, and take pictures of ourselves?  That was with film, in the 90's!  I was so ahead of my time right? :)

Although I tend to buy my clothes at all the same places, I am always on the hunt for a good deal, and it's nice to have consistency right?  I have had the opportunity to work with some brands this past year, showcasing their items and that is well worth posting about this subject for me!  And, I'm the first to admit that I just love clothes, so why not post about them?

As far as value, I commit, as we move forward, to link similar items to what I'm wearing, so if you'd like you can dress like me!  That sounded proud, I'll be like your personal shopper in a way, if your style is like mine, or you want it to be! :)

Here is a review of what I wore over this past year... click on each post for more looks!

Since I have gotten IG I have felt even more liberal sharing what I'm wearing.  It's so easy to post!  I hope to keep my blog posts as updated as my IG account, in this realm, this coming year.

Which look is your favorite?  I do love the purple tulle look.  It may be my favorite!