Wearing - Halloween Week

I am not above dressing for the season!  I like to be festive, it makes life wonderful and colorful!  How about you?  

Here are some looks to wear this week, anticipating Halloween.  

tan orange sweater, boot cut jeans, cardigan, hoodie cardigan

This orange and tan sweater is not so obviously festive.  That makes it a good option for those who aren't so bold!

Sweater: marshalls (similar sweater, I like this one too)// jeans: Target  // top: Old Navy  // cream wedge booties: Old Navy (similar)


flying monkey jeans, orange jacket, what i'm wearing

Another not-so-obvious look.  I bought my first pair of flying monkey jeans over the summer.  I don't usually pay a lot of money for jeans, what's the big deal?  Why do people do that?  Well, when I tried these on I got it!  The denim is soft!  These jeans are comfy!  

I love this jacket, the sleeves are my favorite part, all ruffly!  I love that it has cooled down so I can wear my cute jackets, oh how I love them so! 

Jacket: Marshalls (similar here, this would be cute too, love this)  // Top: Marshalls (similar, similar)  //  Jeans: Flying Monkey //  grey wedge booties: Old Navy  


halloween, wearing, gingham pants, bones peace sign, purple shirt

This is a more obvious look!  It's been a while since I've worn these pants!  They are crazy, but 'just right' crazy for Halloween week!  I paired them with a Halloween top.

top: um Walmart! // pants: Fovever 21 (similar pants) // cardigan: ? // shoes: Old Navy


ghost sweatshirt, comfy look, Halloween

I'm wearing this today, at home, comfy and festive!

sweatshirt: Walmart // sweatpants: BJ's // shoes: Old Navy

I do love these shoes!  Check out this post where I show a bunch of looks featuring them.

I wore this look a couple of weeks ago.  It isn't festive, but it is in the coral/orange family, so I'm posting it!  I feel a little country/Texas wearing this look!  My buddy Marci tells me everyone has to own some turquoise.  This necklace is the only thing I have that resembles turquoise... and I'm just fine with that!

dress: Jessica Simpson @ Marshalls // boots: Marshalls 


I've decided to be a bandit for Halloween.  I'll be wearing that black and white striped shirt, a black beanie, a black mask and black pants.  Done and done!  

G came down last night and told us he was going to be a bandit as well (or a robber).  Q is being a police woman.  They will be 'cop and robber'.  How cute is that?  I love that they are such good buddies!

Don't ever tell my kids I told you, but they were having a ball dressing G up in Q's striped leggings and t shirts!  He's comfy with his manhood I guess!  He looked so funny and took us off guard!  We were all laughing so hard!  #nevertoooldfordressup

Do you dress up for Halloween?  Do you festive it up for holidays?