Wearing - Athleisure Wear

Do you 'athleisure wear'?

Athleisure is different than just getting down and getting comfy!  It's supposedly the clothing that can transition from your workout to then the errand running etc that we do.

I never understood it before because I've always cycled or run.  I take off from my home, I come back to my home.  I run errands, but for sure after I shower and get ready!  PLUS, I sweat sooo hard when I work out, who in the world wants to stay in workout-wear that is sweaty and stinky?  Blah, gross, and brrr, cold!

Since I have joined Orange Theory I actually go somewhere to workout.  Now, I get it!  I'm already out, the store is right there... I'm not going to run home to shower, then come all the way back out to the store!

I get it!  I still am grossed out by how sweaty and stinky I am, I'm sure others are too, but, there is a way to look presentable enough to hit a couple of stores before going home to hit the shower!

athleisure wear, leggings, cute workout clothes

Love these capri's.  I got them at Nordstrom Rack.  This top is from Marshalls, it's Puma.  It's probably my favorite to throw on after stripping out of my dripping wet clothes!  It covers my swass!

layering, vest, cute athletic wear, athleisure

I normally stay in my bottoms only.  I have to change out of my wet tops or I would freeze to death.  Layering on a down vest helps me too.


I'm not sure I have transitioned to just wearing workout stuff to hang out in during the day.  Don't get me wrong, I love to be comfy, but my workout stuff is different than my comfort wear, to me at least!  

as if tee shirt, limited sweat pants

What about you?  Do you wear your workout clothing out and about?