Wearing and Feeling

Wearing: Flowers and Lace

top from Target (clearance), skirt (old from Downeast Basics)

Dots on Dots

Stripes on Stripes

Jeans, Tees, and Cardi's

Do you see my Magnolia shirt?  Got that in Waco, during spring break!  Yes.  I still need to tell you about that!


Tight - My muscles are so tight.  I stretched this morning while the little's got ready for school.  Man, I am just so tight, all the time.

Bored - I wish there was a way to spice up the folding of the laundry every week.  What a monotonous, repetitive task!  Last week I talked to Molly while I folded, it made laundry fly by!

Invested - My man works so hard, he is at a level of responsibility that just doesn't seem to let up.  I am invested in his efforts to eat better.  I will plan meals for him, pack food for him, do whatever I can to make eating good, easier for him.

Shocked - School is almost out!  I'm just shocked!  

Anticipation - I look forward to days the kids can just sleep in.  With the sun staying up longer, it's harder to get to bed on time.  We have had some slow mornings, getting these tired kids going.

Creative - I need a day to just sit down and create something.  I'm feeling creative.

Nostalgic - Tomorrow I'm going to CSDS recital, with my Kristy.  Today I took pictures of Amanda S., last night I had a dream that I was put on the schedule to teach again next year.  Dance will always be inside of me, today I'm missing it, and the people I've come to know in this area because of it.  Those were some fantastic years!

Curious - I went to the dermatologist.  They removed 3 moles of concern.  I'm not anxious, but I am curious if they really are 'of concern'.  

Jealous - Saturday we went to the Wade's property to see the progress of their house and roast marshmallows.  They have 9 acres of beautiful property.  As we left the fireflies were going crazy.  The kids had so much fun exploring.  I love that we could be loud without thinking of neighbors.  It was just beautiful.  I adore my home and where we moved to (one year ago yesterday!), but man I just want some land!  Matt reassured me last night, that having that for us is not off the list, we will find us a second place that has land, that is our own piece of outdoor heaven!  In the mean time I am thrilled for our friends, and so glad they are willing to share their bliss with us!