Running and Hitting

After my half marathon (which was the beginning of May), which I still haven't posted about, I took 2 weeks off!

(Well, mostly.  I did run 10 miles one day with Ashley.

Two weeks should do it right?  Give me the break I need mentally and physically?  Maybe not.  I still can't decide and I've been back to running the last couple of weeks!

I guess that was good enough.

Here is a recap of what I've ran the last couple of weeks.  

The first day back (Monday) I felt slow and sluggish, it was hard to breath!  It has been an adjustment getting used to the warmer weather!  I need to start getting out earlier.  

Tuesday I ran the first 3 miles around the neighborhood with Krista.  It was fabulous to visit, get some social running in!

Wednesday was my first visit to 9round.  I really enjoyed it, and would love to make a habit of going, although we will be leaving in a few weeks, and I have to buy equipment and a punch card.  I'll wait until I get back.  I really enjoyed the change up.  I really enjoyed boxing!  

Thursday I ran with Ashley, she was tapering for the Buffalo Marathon.  She rocked it, ran a good solid race.  

Friday rest.  Saturday I got out a little too late.  It was a hot, hot weekend!  It may be time to start getting early runs in.

I am feeling like I need to change it up.  I need to adopt other workouts, get other activities in.  I have lost some of the joy that I feel when I run, because it is all that I am doing.  Now that it has warmed up I need to get on my bike more.  This fall we'll look into getting a membership so I can start swimming again, but for the summer I will have the lake.

This week I decided I could at least change up my running a bit.  I drove out to a big park and ran 5 miles.  It is quite a bit more hilly there, which was a good challenging workout.  I'll do it again!  It felt good to change it up.

Saturday I only ran 8, then went on a ride with my man.  It was great to be on my bike, out on the roads, next to my buddy, talking about life, connecting.  It was motivating to feel my quads burning, it's been a while!  It was freeing to let go and ride the last several miles home, at my pace, just me.  Cycling is cool!

Here is how the rest of my week looked.  (I walked the last mile of my 8 on Tuesday)  Nothing on Wed and nothing on Friday.

Random... Did I ever tell you about the time this spring that I went out running, thinking all was well, and got hit with a crazy thunder storm?  There were clouds in the sky as I took off, but in the spring time, well, all of the time, that is sort of the norm here!  

Around 1.5 miles I passed a little old man that told me I'd better run faster, the rain was coming.  I laughed... then at mile 2 I felt the ground rumble under me as the lightning and thunder cracked at the same time close to where I was.

The rain came, the thunder continued, and I just ran.  How else would I get home?  I prayed that I wouldn't get struck, but then again, I AM the bullet, faster than lightning! ;)

As I ran I found a dollar bill floating in a puddle!  I didn't stop for the rain, but I did stop for that dollar bill!  I didn't know if someone was playing a joke on me.  I picked it up to make sure it wasn't fake, nope!  Thank you very much!  I tucked it in my sweaty, rain drenched top and finished my run.

I never get paid to run, nor do I often fear I'll get struck by lightning.  It was a good day!