Chair Makeovers - One For You and One For Me

I have had these two chairs for a while, just waiting to be made over.  I got one at a garage sale for $1 and the other I got at ReStore for $5 I think.

I wasn't sure where I needed/wanted them, thus the long wait for them, in their dreary state.

They are cute right?  I love the details in the backs of them.

While working with my first client we decided that the small desk area in her kitchen needed a cute little chair.  I had a chair I could use, so we decided to go that route.  I figured as long as I was working on her chair I may as well do the other one.  I'd decide where to use it later.

I found fabric for both chairs and got started.

I took the seats off, gave them a pretty good sanding and wipe down.

Sometimes I begin with priming (with Killz), but I thought I wanted to use chalk paint on these chairs, no need for priming.  

Then after I did a coat of chalk I decided I wanted to use regular latex.  So I sanded again, just to smooth it out.  I applied the latex over the chalk paint.

I still distressed the chairs, then I put a poly over the top.

Now the fun part, the fabric tops!  I took the fabric off both sit boards, and the old padding that was on there.  The chair with the 3 curved slats is an old chair.  It had original woven grass under the fabric.  It was cool, and musty, stripping it down, seeing some history!

I added new, thin padding and stapled my fabric in place.  The original screws were still in good shape, so I used them to reattach the seats to the chairs.

This is the chair I'll keep for me.  I've decided it will sit at my sewing desk.

This is the one I did for my client.  She was happy with it!

I love how they both turned out!  

Here is one more look at the before and after of each.