As Of Late...

As of late... what me and the family have been up to.

- I've been binge watching 'Quantico'.  I started it on a whim, and really liked it!  Now I can't wait for season 2!

- I tried 9Round for the first time.  I really liked it.  I really need to change things up and this was good for me.  Who knew, I really like to hit stuff!

- I've spend hours and hours, days, working in my front yard!  We are almost done and I am so happy with the results.  I have taken photos of the process to share, of course.

- I've had to say goodbye to cute Bekah and all of our time as a RS presidency.  Now it's on to primary chorister, which I will love!

These next couple of months will feel like life being drained from our ward/congregation as so many dear friends will pack up and move away.  So, so sad.

- Warm weather is here and there is much hockey, basketball and bike riding to be had on this driveway.  And that one there on the end, O, has become a roller blading fiend!  He puts those babies on right when he gets home and prefers to skate around rather than run.  He's good!

- Speaking of bikes, this one has finally dug up an interest in them, and taught himself how to ride this one (O's bike) in just a few minutes.  This was, of course the second try, because the first time was with training wheels (on his brand new bike) and was a fail.  He informed us he never wanted to be on a bike again.  

From the more distant past, some items to note...

- G got invited to be in UB's gifted math program.  It is run through the college and is taken in the place of math at the middle school.  We opted out of it, but I'm proud of this smarty pants just the same!

- This gal finally got contacts, although it was touch and go for a bit there.  There was much frustration wanting contacts, but not being able to touch her eyes!!!  I helped her for the first couple of weeks, then weaned her!  It was very frustrating for her, but she finally got it and is now wearing contacts everyday.

- My babe and I got to attend a wedding together!  I usually attend weddings as the photographer, this was a treat!  Lucky him, we had to leave before the real party got started!  Oh how I wish we could've stayed to dance the night away!

- My sweet boy received the priesthood and was ordained to the office of a deacon.  He is now passing the sacrament.  

- Cute O turned 8.  He wanted to wait to get baptized until we go to UT this summer.  It will be special to do this with our family, although we will then miss our close ward family.  He is now in scouts and loves it.

- And grandma came to see us.  We miss her.  Soon we get to see her, and the whole family!!!  Yahoo!