My Buffet - Colorful Farmhouse Chic

We all know I love my buffet!  It has been fun to decorate it for all of the festive seasons.  

When they were all finished I wanted to figure out how I'd decorate it for the rest of the year!

There are other holiday's, but late spring and summer are busy and I want this to be set for that period of time.

A lot of my home lends itself to a more traditional feel.  However my kitchen, of all places in this house, can go into farmhouse style.  That is the direction I intend to go as I paint and put things on the wall, find chairs etc.

I love dumpster diving, treasure hunting, antiques etc.  I also love color and contemporary things.  I decorated my buffet in a chic farmhouse style, a mix of both worlds.  I mixed old items with new items, dull and colorless with bright and happy!

My mom and I worked on this area a bit of it while she was here and it just wasn't coming together.  After stepping away I was able to come back and put it together.  I love how it turned out!  It took some rearranging and came together like a puzzle, searching for the right items to fit together.

I got the two prints from the Christmas Tree Shop, the lanterns and barrel lid from a local antique shop, spools from TX, the scale found on the roadside, and I made the mason jar vase.