Wearing Outside/Feeling Inside


Sunday Look - navy skirt with layered lavender sweater, heels and bib necklace (that I made)

Sunday Look - navy skirt with layered lavender sweater, heels and bib necklace (that I made)

Warmer temps should be here soon.  It's ok with me, I appreciate wearing my springy pants!



-The pinch in my neck that won't seem to leave.

- Inspired as I'm changing around my new website!  I feel like this is a good move and I'm excited, finally, about making the move!

- Renewal as I have dug my shovel into the dirt, gotten my hands dirty, and done some creative designing in my front yard.  

- Exhausted from said renewal!

- Reminded that this was something I looked forward to when we moved last year.  As I have been outside playing in the dirt, that has come back to memory.  I am excited to do more gardening.

-Unsteady as I start to sail the waters of 'teenager'.  I don't want to go forward!  I just want time to stop!

-Heavy!  It is time to get my butt into shape.  I've been saying for the last few years that I feel 10 lbs too heavy.  Three or four years is a long time to say that and not make any changes.

Enthusiastic about teaching through music.  I have a new calling at church (no paid ministry, all members fill the duties of the church).  I will teach and lead the primary kids music.  This is such a fun calling and I am excited to get going.

- Connected.  It was good to visit with Kari, Kierste, Paula and Sue this week.  I am surrounded by fabulous women.

- Honored.  Last week I attended the Breakfast of Hope, which is a fundraiser that Meals on Wheels does each year.  This year I was asked to be in the video they will use for the next year for a variety of things.  I got to choose a friend that I have connected with to be in it with me, to share the relationships that can develop from this organization.  It was wonderful to view this video at the breakfast with my friend!  I love being part of the Meals on Wheels family.

Here is the video...