What I'm Wearing - Stripes, Dot's and Skirts

Man these busy summer days are wearing me out!  All of the running... and TV watching!  I have been staying up into the morning watching 'Pretty Little Liars'.  Late nights are wearing on me!  

I just started season 4.  Is it embarrassing to admit that this show scares me a little bit?  It's about as much as I'd like to be scared.  I'm delicate that way. :)  Creepy-creeperson staring into my window scares me more than 'The Shining', especially when the hubbs is out of town.

Must. get. to. bed. earlier!

Back in June Amy and I went on a day date - shopping of course - because we both love to!  

It was during our shopping trip my friend pointed out what may be obvious... that I have a slight infatuation with skirts.  Indeed this is true.  I admit it, I have this crazy pull straight to skirts.  Before dresses, before tops, before shoes even.  I love skirts!  

She's such a good friend right?  Bringing that to my attention helped me focus my efforts on other articles of clothing that day, although look at these two cute skirts I got anyway...

Today I'm showing you some looks with skirts, and I'm starting with this adorable one.  I got it from Down East Basics several years ago.  I was going for a cheery look so I paired it with my aqua dot top and yellow sandals.

I've also worn this skirt like this, with navy and green.

PS - do you love that cuff?  I made it.  Someday I hope to show you how it's made.  I also hope to open up my shop again...

Here are several looks with skirts that I've worn at random.  All of them are patterned, mostly striped.

You can see that I both mix patterns as well as let pattern be the focus when I dress.  It depends on how I'm feeling that day.  I always aim for interest (with color, texture, accessories), even if the look is simple.

What article of clothing are you a sucker for?