3 Quotes with Handouts - Young Women's

This year I went up to girls camp with our young women.  We wanted to give something to our ward girls each morning, as well as something to our year groups each night.

I created 2 handouts.  

The first one is this parable of the pearl handout, which I paired with a bracelet I made for each girl.  It is a great message, reminding us we are responsible for our happiness.

I got these little bags for super cheap, while in UT!  I put each bracelet in a bag and gave it to the girls with this poem lamenated.

This next handout I gave to our year group.  The parable of the popcorn was of course laminated  and stapled to a bag of smart pop.  I still remember getting this thought my first year on the Junior High gymnastics team.  Yep, I totally keep stuff like this!  I have a whole two binders full of it!  I had to update it's cuteness, but it still applies to life.

The last handout I created was for a talk I gave on friendship.  This again, is from my own youth.  I just updated it and added this thought on the back from the Howard W. Hunter lesson maual - on Greatness.

Prior to camp we got together to practice first aid.  We had 3 stations and did some educating and practice at each one.  After all the info was given we did a relay race to practice things like splinting, carrying, what should be in a first aid kit etc.

At the end of the night I gave the girls each a little bag with lifesavers in it.  I used this free printable from The Crafting Chicks.  Super cute!  I love stripes!

Would you like to use the printables I created?  I'm happy to share.  You can download them HERE.