10 Things...

1 - It's A Good Day

Hearing my E sing 'It's a good day to have a good day', caught my attention, and made my day just a bit sweeter.  He'd only heard this song, by Hilary Weeks once or twice, but he had the message, and sings it to himself, and us, at random.

2 - 7 Deadly Sins

This week I began reading a new book I found while back home.  It was my dad's.  I am already eating it up and underlining words.  It's called 'Christ's Ideals for Living' by Obert C. Tanner.  Right there in the preface, right as I started, were these words... 

True, so true.  This has been on my mind this week.

3 - Spa Day

After so much running around and playing I just needed one day, just one day, here at home to get work done, mostly here in my office.  I got photos edited, clothes put away, things tidied.  

The kids were so good yesterday entertaining themselves and playing together.  They had a spa day together, complete with foot scrubs and massages.  There always seems to be some sort of sport being played with all of my boys.  I appreciated yesterday, that they all would do something Q likes.  They all enjoyed it too!

4 - Put the Camera Down

I took a million photos in UT, I came home then took a ton of photos for girls camp, then went right into photoing a wedding, another bunch of photos!  Last night I had another shoot as well. 

When I take so many pictures, for other people, I get tired of picking up my camera, and capturing my own life, my family's life.  I haven't picked up my camera much this week.  I have not wanted to!  

I suppose it's like running w/o my Garmin.  I should do it occasionally, just to gut check, run because I love it, keeping no record.

Going a week w/o my camera may be the same.  Just live, relax, enjoy being, w/o recording it.

5 - Elastic Heart

This is my good friend Melissa.  In this photo she is planting her goodbye gift in my flower bed.  What a good gift.  I will think of her every time I look at it.

I have lost some very close friends this past year.  One to old age, the other two to distance.  My heart has been sliced and diced as I have had to say goodbye, over and over again.  SLICED. AND. DICED I tell you!

Still I am amazed that despite so much pain I can be happy.  When the pain subsides, (which it does, over time) I am left with treasured memories, years of friendship that have changed and shaped me, blessings, so many blessings, a heart that is still full of love, and the promise of friendship, really good friendship.

I'm so glad I had just a little sliver of Melissa's time at camp.  We went paddle boarding, sat down and cried together.  I got to tell her just how much I love her, how I have loved seeing our kids grow up together, how I have appreciated being able to lean on each other, her service, her selfless heart, her great faith.  It was terribly hard to say goodbye, for both Q and I.

6 - Wallpaper

I am planning projects!  I have to concentrate my efforts and finish one thing at a time!  I started painting G's room a long time ago.  I suppose that should be the first thing I bring to a finish!

I am thinking and planning though.  I think the laundry room will be next.  I have already bought paint for the cabinets.  I am looking through wallpaper.  Here are some that I like.

all images via - Wallpaper Warehouse

7 - Party Time

I'm thinking I'm going to throw myself a party for my 39th birthday.  It's in a couple of weeks.  I'm thinking a progressive party.  Yep, gonna do that!

8 - Cavity Free

I took the kids to the dentist this morning.  They are all cavity free!  G has to get two baby teeth pulled.  He's not so happy about that.  We love our pediatric dentist.  He really is so good, relaxed.  The kids love him!  

Actually, I have known Dr. Suketu Patel for years!  I've taken photos of his family, we have known the same people, all of that.  It was after a shoot a couple of years ago that I realized he works a couple days a week by me, at University Pediatric Dentistry.  Duh!  I'm such a goon!  I quickly switched us over to see him!  He made a call and put us on his schedule.  I felt pretty special!  Duh, if you know fabulous people, use their services!  We are totally happy!

9 - Thank You World Market

While in UT I went to World Market for the first time.  We don't have one here in the Buff.  It was quite the delightful place, and I did go home with some treasures!  I had to buy 2 bags to get all my 'treasures' (from our UT trip) back home!

I found the perfect hardware for a cabinet I've made over.  I haven't posted it yet, because I've been undecided whether it's done or not.  The current hardware is ok, but, BUT, when I found this, with the long pull that matched, I knew I'd found it!  Yea!  Now I can finish that and post it for you to see.  It is totes adorbs!

10 - Leather and Pearls

I made these bracelets for the young women in our ward - for church.  They went with a thought about an oyster, who made a pearl out a grain of sand.  I will share both how to make this bracelet, as well as the thought it goes with.  Promise!