Wearing Outside/Feeling Inside

Wearing:  this asymmetrical sweater from Forever 21.  I love the cut of the bottom of it, the raglan sleeves, it is super cute and I think I got it for like $7.  I paired it with my blue pencil skirt and some black booties.

I made the cuff I'm wearing.  It was super easy.  Find the tutorial on that here: Ruffle Cuff


- Wavy - I got my hair layered last week.  I LOVE it!  My hair has gotten more wavy as I age and the layers took off so much weight there is now even more!  Hooray for never having to do my hair, and it still looking good!

- Homesick - We are indeed having so much fun, but I miss my home, I miss my husband.

- Tired - Man it takes a lot of energy to play!

- Raw - I was sharing my heart with my brother and was reminded of the challenges my marriage has faced, some of the darkest times in my life, how I have changed, how we have changed, how we have been successful despite our differences and change.  I started to cry as I was reminded of my Savior's sweet atonement that has healed me, has made me whole and complete, that has given me power to forgive and be forgiven.

- Family - We have been away so long, we have formed new family relationships that sustain us.  But, being with my people, my family, feels so good, makes me laugh and smile, feel like I have a place in the world.  I love them oh so much!

- High - Lenni and I have gone to High Fitness Classes twice together.  It has been fun to change it up.

- Routine Cravings - I love vacationing, but I am craving our schedule.  Too many late nights, not enough chores and responsibilities, too much fun seems to make my children even more ungrateful and disobedient!  That makes me crack down on my discipline, that makes our vacation a tiny bit less fun.