Utah Week 2 - Part 1

Week 2 was spent with Matt's side of the family.  We spent the first few days in Washington Terrace.  


- The airshow that was going on at Hill Airforce Base.  We got to sit right where we were and see the jets doing cool things.

- Jumping on the trampoline, playing 'I Am Falling Off the Cliff'

- Riding in the golf cart

- Playing the movie charades game.  The kids played with us and that was fun.  Matt's side of the family is less inclined to act than mine, which makes it a little awkward, which also makes it quite funny when they actually do it!  It wasn't everyone's favorite game, but Ben's family loved it so we enjoyed laughing at each other multiple times!

- The cousins have so much fun playing together, they also watched a movie and TV, played kindles together... much more than I prefer, but it IS vacation time!

- Ben and Jess live on a huge hill, so Monday we put out the plastic, turned on the hose and sprinklers, and let them water slide to their hearts content!  It was so hot outside I got my suit on and went down a few times myself.  It was fun.  They had so much fun!

They had so much fun, that is until G got stung by a bee.  I pulled the whole rear end and stinger out of his foot.  Poor kid.  His foot swelled up and itched a bunch.

- Roasting marshmallows

- Boondocks.  It was over 100 degrees, so we did all of the inside activities only.  We played lazer tag 3 times (the favorite), bowled, played arcade games, did the 4d ride experience.  It was fun.  

- Dinner as adults.  We went to Ruby River steak house.  It brought back some memories for me.  Matt took me there when we were first married, for V-day, and gave me my ruby ring.  It was the first of many pretty rings he's given me.  I love pretty things!  

- Matt and Ben golfed twice, the second time Jess went with them too.

- We also stopped to see the home we built in Clinton.  So much has changed in that area.  It no longer looks new, so much development has happened in that area.  

We look back at our choice to build and wish we'd have made better choices, different choices.  Hind site is 20/20.  In that time period, with our knowledge it was a wonderful choice.  It was a special time for us.  We brought our Q home to that house, it was our dream, our work, our joy.  It was good to pay a visit to our past.