Utah Week 2 - Part 2


- Headed down to Nephi, took the tour Lynn and Robin's new house!

- Swim, swim, swim and visit.

- Those who didn't swim played games.

- Saw Jared, haven't seen him since before his mission.  Met his wife.  They are so cute together!


- Went to Centerfield to see this home that Lynn has been fixing up.  It is almost finished and ready for market!

- Stayed and played frisbee golf at the park, then had some lunch.  The frisbee golf course was awesome!  I'd love to have something like that where I am.  We had a great time playing.

- On the way home we stopped at the Juab County Jail.  Matt's brother runs it.  It was an interesting experience!  Everyone was on lock-down that day so we got to go out of the control room to tour it a little.  It was very sobering and educational!

- The craft for the day was making pillow cases.  The kids had a great time doing that and slept on them that night.  Robyn always has things for the kids to do, she is fabulous!

- Games and more games.  It is so good and 'soul happy' to hear the laughter, teasing and sarcasm.  This is Matt's family and it feels like 'home'.

- Of course there was more swimming!  We did that every single day, during the day, and then again at night!


- Drove up the canyon to get a good view of Mnt. Nebo.  Did you know it is the southernmost and highest peak of the Wasatch Mountains?  I didn't!  (I'll share some landscape photos in my photography section.  Just click on the upper left bars of my blog.)  It was a beautiful drive with beautiful views.  The mountains are fantastic!  We hiked a little and headed back down to see more and play by the river.

- Rod and the boys came down.  More swimming and games.

- More craft time = painting wooden letters and blocks as well as tie dyed shirts.  I even made one of those!  It was cool!

- Aunt Robyn made homemade doughnuts.  Such a treat!


- We drove to Beaver to meet up with our good friends the Chamberlain's.  We try to see them whenever we come to UT.  They are some of our most favorite people!  We always laugh so hard and it feels like no time has passed when we are together.

We had lunch at a park, went to get ice cream at Cache Valley Cheese Factory, played kickball, raced, leg wrestled, jumped rope, visited, laughed.  It was so great to catch up, see how their family has grown and reconnect.

- Shooting at the range.  We have done this before, but the kids have always been too little to really care or enjoy.  This year they thought it was awesome, except Q.  We all got to shoot the revolvers and the kids thought it was amazing!  Matt and I did well too!


It was so great to be with Matt's side of the family.  It feels like it has been too long, since we didn't come out last year.  We love family and had SO much fun with them!