Wearing Outside/Feeling Inside


My new skirt from Target, with an old mustard top from Forever 21, an aqua necklace and aqua shoes.  I also made that cute cuff.  Love it right?

Also wearing...


- Tired!  After getting everything prepped, organized, packed and together, after a long day traveling, arriving super late, we are here, and I am tired!  It's like all the anxiety, the push to get everything done is gone.  It is now time to relax and enjoy my vacation!  I'll start with resting!

- Like an airhead.  I botched a birthday party and a bbq because I thought they were both a day later than they really were.  I'm awesome like that.

- Anticipation.  I love spending time with my family.  I can't wait to spend a couple of weeks, straight with my man.  Yahoo, it's summer!

- Wasteful.  Are you just in awe as the end of the year hits, and all the paperwork comes home, and all of it goes in the recycle bin?  Sheesh, the paper we waste!

- Social.  Last week I ran with another new friend Sue.  It was wonderful!  I look forward to getting to know more runners.  I walked with my buddy Mary, it's great time for us to catch up. 

- Lost.  That is what I was before I met my bride for a meeting last week.  I was also late, because I was lost.  That gets me so frustrated, both being lost and being late.

- Out of practice.  Today I swam laps.  It was tough!  I haven't been swimming regularly for a long time and my first few 50 m laps felt uncoordinated and forced, rather than easy and natural.  Like running, if you stop swimming, you have to build up again what you have lost.  It felt good to be in the water, as tough as it was.