Summer Vacation - part 1

We are in UT!  It is summer vacation for us!  I like to keep record of our vacation so these next several posts will be our updates from here.  

Tuesday Travel Day.  (June 21)

Q had her last day of school on Tuesday.  The other kids enjoyed just a half day of summer before we left for the airport.  They got to go down the street to swim while I finished packing.

That morning I got the last of our stuff all prepped and ready to go.  I had started pulling clothing a few days prior, so Tuesday was more getting the fridge cleaned out, house tidied, airplane bags ready, all that stuff.

We got to the airport early, went through security quick, and actually stopped for lunch/early dinner before boarding.

Flying is much different now than it has been in years past.  I'd have to bring a small grocery store of snacks, dvd players, movies, games, activities, diapers, wipes, headphones, plus stuff for me!

For as much as I advocate limited screen time, I do think it is fabulous, in the case of travel, that just one device (kindle) can hold a ton of activities for these kids to do.  It makes my life so much easier, and cuts down on the bags I have to carry!

My cutie O had to use the bathroom several times.  The second time he had to go I told him to just go back and I'd watch him from my seat.  Unfortunately the little Chinese lady in there forgot to lock the door.  He had a look of terror mixed with panic as he opened the door, looked at her, heard her squeal, looked at me, then walked quickly back to his seat!!!

He was mortified, even as I assured him it was not his fault.  

That same little lady just happened to sit on the isle seat, right by the restroom.  He had to pass her every time he went to the bathroom.  He requested to go to the front every time after that.  

It was a long flight.  Q was upset that her kindle was not compatible with the airplane shows they offered.  We gave her the laptop to make her happy.  The kindle just isn't cutting it for her anymore!

We had a 3 hour layover in AZ.  Fortunately we were able to connect with Troy, and he brought his cute family to visit with us while we waited.  We found the food court, had some ice cream and got to catch up.  It's been something like 12 years since M had seen him.  Loved that!

I had to grab a photo as we waited to board.  These kids were being so cute together.  I love the times that I get to see them love each other.  There were also many laughs observing the little boy who was running around the airport.  He was dodging the poles and ran right into one.  I had a hard time keeping my kids from laughing too loud!  Poor kid.  Then he kept blowing raspberries on his mom's arm.  She was too busy with her phone to care.  We were thoroughly entertained by it.  E laughed for the next 30 minutes.  It's also possible that we were so tired we were getting slap happy!

Our last leg was pretty quick, three of us fell asleep, it was nearing 1 and 2 am our time.  

My mom met us at baggage and took some of our luggage as well as the kiddos home with her.  I love seeing her when I come to UT.  So happy!

M and I got the rest of our luggage and got us a rental this year.  I thought we were getting a truck, but we ended up with an Excursion that only had 6 miles on it!  It's pimped out!  We totally scored!  It smells like new car, has all the latest goodies, and has plenty of space for all of us and our luggage.

Wednesday - Swimming and Kickball

Wednesday morning we got up so late!  Gma made us a fabulous pancake breakfast!  She does shapes and the kids love it so much!  

After breakfast the kids were playing Lego's, jumping on the tramp, playing kickball.  It was so nice, just us, just happy, ahhh vacation!

In the afternoon we met our cousins for swim time.  It was hot, just as we expected.

They had a blast going off the diving boards over and over again.

M met an old work friend later that afternoon and we went to Taco Time for dinner!  It was quite delightful.

After dinner the kids and I played kickball with gma, but first gma had to fix E's toes.  They were raw from the pool. When dad came home we played kickball for a few more minutes, until M had to show off and kick the ball over the fence!  Then we just got Slurpees and enjoyed them out on the deck.

We thought about doing the drive in, but we will wait, we were feeling super tired!

Thursday - Hiking and The Base

We got up bright and early Thursday and headed to my brother's house.  We had to visit for a minute, see his house, then we headed up Little Cottonwood Canyon to go hiking.

My cute mom wanted to go with us, and it was a bit challenging.  These boys were hero's and helped her up and down the mountain.  I appreciated her wanting to be with us, and working it up the mountain.  The kids would go ahead and wait for us, they were rockstars.

We finally made it to the lake where we sat and took in the view.  The kids fed the ducks and tried to catch fish.  M went ahead and dropped his phone in the lake.  He is awesome.  I do love this about UT, I wish it was always like this!

After helping gma down the mountain we hit Cafe Rio for lunch.  Delicious!

The kids played at Ry's house for the afternoon while M did some work and mom and I shopped.  I had some things to get ready for O's baptism, which was that Saturday.  I found all that I needed, at great prices!  Loved that.

In the evening we went to see where Ry works.  It was pretty stinkin' cool.  We asked a ton of questions and learned a bunch.  It was great spending time with his family.