Wearing - Summer Leftovers

Fall is happening!  I am a happy girl!  Yahoo!

Before we get into fall colors, layers, boots, jeans, I have some stragglers from summer! 

Peach and Teal - This is a great skirt!  I adore it.  I can really wear it all year long.  Here I paired it with peach, for summer.  This fall and winter I can pair it with a deeper color, also from the skirt.  Do you like the peach and teal color combo?

Skirt: Saks on 5th, Top: Charlotte Russe Necklace: I totally made it!

White Lace and Periwinkle - I have had this top for a long time now.  It's been a while since I've worn it.  I always feel better when I can revitalize something that has been hanging dead in my closet for a while!

Top: Charlotte Russe, Skirt: Mika Rose

Floral Body Con - Sometimes I don't like wearing dresses.  They feel so boring!  Some days, though, it's nice to just be able to put on a dress and not have to think about a whole outfit to wear...

Dress: Old Navy, Wedges: Old Navy

Cream Embroidery - This is such an easy dress, which is a little too short for me!  I added my lace slip to the bottom of it for extra coverage.  I may not wear it again!  Good thing I can hand it right over to my Q.  I don't even feel the least bit guilty for buying it and only wearing it once!  At least we had one good wear together :).  Don't you love that embroidery on the top?  And the pockets!!! 

Dress: Target