Halloween Decor Home Tour

Brace yourselves friends!  I'm going to share aaaallll of our Halloween decor in this one post!  Yikes!  It may be overwhelming!  I tend to be a little bit overwhelming, but I own that!  

I like to decorate for Halloween, and I like to take pictures!  There is a lot to share...  Feel free to grab ideas for yourself!  Pin away.  

I have to do it all in this post, because I also have to share fall decor and fun Halloween crafts etc.  So, yahoo, here we go!  

Front Entry

We'll start in the entry way. I have added pillows, a banner, lanterns - both paper and glass, a graphic rug, as well as this super fun yarn I found at the craft store!

I just posted about our Halloween tree, and how to make one for yourself.  In case you missed it.

Family Room

I changed up our mantle this year, because I moved the clock over.  I love the purple lights on our mantle.  They look great as night falls!

It is filled with branches from outside, spiders, skeletons, crows, pumpkins, all layered over a garland and sparkly sprigs.

I still love that glass cabinet.  Remember it's makeover?  On top of it are old, but good Halloween crafts I made years ago.

Kitchen Area

I started here at our buffet.  I created this Halloween printable and moved it over here for the first time.  I like it here.  I got the plastic garland from Target last year and layered the decor on top of a black table runner.

Our table starts with it's own black and white runner two cake plates.  I layered using jars, candles, flowers, pumpkins etc.


This area will transition easy to fall, I'll just take out the spider print.  I got that from Hobby Lobby last year.  

Our living room is decorated for fall and will stay that way through Thanksgiving.  I will share that fall decor soon.  After Halloween I transition over to fall stuff everywhere.

What do you think?  We love the holidays around here and I love decorating and re-decorating every month!  I know, I have issues!  Thanks so much for stopping by.

See anything you like?  Please pin in it and share it!