Graphic Tee's and Doc Shorty!

Do you love graphic tee's?  I do.  I am totally on the bandwagon, wearing some text on my shirts!  I got a few new tee's with writing on them while in UT.  And, I recently got a new one from  I love them all, totally wear them all of the time right now! 

They are great with a skirt, dressed up or casual.  They are great with shorts for an easy look in the summer, and they will look great layered with sweaters and cardi's come fall.  If you don't have any, now is the time to stretch out of your comfort zone and jump in!  Find some text that fits you and give it a try!

This first look I paired my 'ooh la la' shirt with my new floral skirt and wore it to church.

shirt - Downeast Basics, skirt - Mika Rose, shoes (old) Burlington

One of the reasons I love graphic tee's is that they add interest without being too overwhelming.  A plain cream tee would be much too boring for me, with this skirt.  Add a little writing to that cream tee = interesting!

People usually do read what you are wearing!  Graphic tees are a way to make a statement.  This shirt that I paired with my olive skirt, is care of  I love it!  It is soft, a great color, made in the U.S. and makes a positive statement! 

I love this shirt and even chose to wear it when I went on TV!  Doc Shorty has a fun story that you can read about HERE.  They also donate 10% of profits to multiple sclerosis research.  Shop their shirts HERE.  The pillows are super cute too!  I want a couple for my home!  You can also follow along on Instaram (@doc.shorty)

Here are some other tees I've worn lately.  I love this Jesus one, it makes me happy, they all do!  Go get some graphic tees!