One Room Challenge: Teen Boy Room

Let me tell you a story… It’s a story where this momma has a fantastic design idea! That was part one.

My idea was indeed amazing! It hit me, I designed it and even executed it! That is part two.

The hexagon wall I designed for my teenage boy’s room is amazeballs! No if’s and’s or but’s. I love it! I’m so proud of it… still… two years later!

You can see the full blog post of this fabulous, bold hexagon wall right here.

teen room hexagon wall

Why then is this the room I am selecting for the one room challenge? Well my friends, all that fantastic creativity and motivation apparently ended when I finished that wall!

This is where that great story gets put on the shelf! You dog ear the book and swear you’ll get back to it in like 15 minutes… only in this case, it has been almost two years!

It has been almost two years and I have done nothing else in his room!!! Insert laughing/crying emoji right here! Did I type that right? Uhhuh! Two years!

It’s about dang time I finish this room!

(Please let me insert here that I may have finished long ago if my son cared at all that the rest of his room isn’t done! My two little boys have been clamoring for me to do their room and I keep saying no because I need to finish this room first! They care about me finishing more than he does!! And so it keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the list.)

I should be able to do that with some focused effort! One project a week. I can carve out some time, with all the other stuff, to focus on one project a week.

I’m excited to be part of the One Room Challenge. I think it will help me to not only finish, but to share progress and the eventual finished product with you!


I have made a teeny bit of progress in his room. I did put up a closet organizer, which is necessary, even though it isn’t pretty and exciting. Actually, I take that back! Organization is totally pleasing and pretty!

I still need to…

  • paint the other three walls

  • buy a new desk, and move the location of his desk

  • buy a modern book case for him

  • move the full size bed up to his room (maybe do a headboard project, or just buy a new one?)

  • buy a side table

  • finish off with wall art

It shouldn’t be too hard, right? Says the girl who hasn’t been able to finish this blasted project! The hardest part is done! I just need to focus and finish.

Stay tuned for more from this project! Up first = painting.