Halloween Decor Tour

Halloween is almost here.  This month has gone fast!  Are you about ready to take all of your decorations down?  I know, just got them up right?!

I love this time of year.  I love to decorate the house for all of the festivities coming up.  Hopefully you can find some inspiration for your own Halloween décor here, or just look at eye candy, that is acceptable too!

Here is some Halloween throughout our house.  I love to decorate for Halloween.  I am all about bright and happy, cute Halloween, no blood and guts here!  Let's start in the family room.

halloween mantle

Here is a closer look at the details.  It's all about layering.  I started with the lights, then added black leaf garland, then all of my pumpkins and skulls, then filled in with purple, orange and green picks.

I showed my IG followers how I made that 'hocus pocus' sign.  It was totally easy.  Sometimes it's just quicker and easier to take a quick video than to write a post.  Right?

Anyway, none of the mantle items are new this year.  I've collected them from craft stores, Home Goods and The Christmas Tree Shop.  I love to start from scratch every year and see where it goes, how I can put it all together in a new way.  #creativeoutlet!

Here is the corner of our family room with my polka dot chairs.  I love them so much!  They look cute for Halloween too.  This 'boo' pillow is new this year, got that from JoAnn's, and the black throw came from Home Goods.

halloween decor

I created a little vignette on our coffee table too.

I left the living room decorated for autumn.  Our front hall got switched over to Halloween.  Here is what that looks like.  It's a party from the moment you walk in the door!

Here is another Halloween craft from this year.  I found these place mats several years ago and haven't been using them.  I created this canvas, I needed something tall to scale with the tree on this table.  Don't you love that black and white pumpkin?

And finally, here is our kitchen.  I decided to just do black and white here at the buffet.  I'd like to make a large printable for this spot for next year.

halloween decor ideas
halloween decor kitchen
halloween decor tour

Our table is decorated with color.  Lots of levels and different things to make this centerpiece come together.  I also brought the huge wreath I made into the kitchen to hang in our window.  It fits the space better than on my door.  It's so massive!

You can see the wreath I'm talking about in this post.  Halloween on our Front Porch.

There you have it.  Most of our Halloween décor.  You have another week.  Are you decorated yet?


halloween decor