Fall Decor Tour - Family Room and Kitchen

Yes!  It finally feels like fall today!!

I have been all decorated for weeks.  If you follow along on IG you've seen some peeks.  I'm finally showing!  Thanks for being patient.  I hope you enjoy, and feel excited about decorating your own space.

I'll start with my family room and kitchen, because those will change again soon, for Halloween.  #doesiteverend #notthistimeofyear #butiloveit


Let's start at the mantle.  It came together quickly.  I just used 2 fall garlands and layered pumpkins on each side.  I added height by stacking one or two on cut trunk pieces.  This sign is new this year, from Home Goods.

harvest sign fall mantle
fall mantle harvest sign

Next my chairs, oh these chairs!  I am still so in love!  I can't wait to see them with each new holiday that we celebrate.  I love them oh SO much!

Have you heard that saying that throw pillows are like stuffed animals for adults.  True story over here!  I collect them and continue to buy them!  How can I stop?  Each year and each season they keep selling new, cute pillows! :)

This picture gives you come idea of the scale of my fire place.  It is laaarrrge!  I have to be sure to scale large as I decorate it.

I have a variety of darker, rich pillows on the couch.  On top of my cabinet I have my daughter's artwork, her autumn tree. 

And, in my tray, on the coffee table, do you recognize that from last year, Thanksgiving time?  That little pumpkin centerpiece is too easy to make!  That easy tutorial is here.

Here are a couple more vignettes in the family room.

And here is a view of the whole room.

fall decor family room



Let's start at my buffet.  It's regularly my favorite spot in the kitchen!  I love this piece, I invested time in in, created it, rehabbed it, whatever you want to call it.  You can read/see that makeover in this post.  Here is how it looks for fall.

I made that fruity garland.  I had bought several different fillers and mixed them all together.  The pieces are foam, so I just threaded embroidery floss through them. 

Over at the table I decorated using my dough bowl.  I like to keep the center piece low profile here, so we can all still see each other while we eat!  I used white pumpkins and candles as the main item, then filled with leaves and picks from there.  I love this purple and green together!

And finally here at the window.  I love this wreath and felt ball garland here.  I just switched out the leaf garland from last year, to coordinate with this year's colors in this room.  I'm still looking for a bench or chairs to put in this window....

There we have it!  Next is the living room, entry and upstairs.  I made a new wreath for the upstairs.  It is super easy to make.  Can't wait to show you!


Be sure to pin these for later!