Pumpkin Centerpieces You Can Reuse Every Year

We know I love a good deal, and when those carve-able fake pumpkins hit Halloween clearance I bought a bunch.  Some, to decorate my front porch with next year, because the critters keep eating them, and some little one's to make centerpieces with.

They were the easiest to make, and I'll be able to use them for years to come!

All I did was saw off the top of each pumpkin with a little dry-wall saw!  


I already had these fall bunches of flowers.  I got those years ago, maybe at Hobby Lobby.  After I'd cut the tops off my pumpkins I just placed my flower bunches inside.  So totally easy!  I did have to trim the stems so they'd sit in there right.

So easy!  So cute!  I decided to use them for my table decor this year.

Here they are along my table.  They look great, are low profile, so we can all still see each other, and were oh so easy.  Love, love, love!  This is now the permanent home for these flower bunches.

I'm sure you can still get these pumpkins at Hobby Lobby!  What do you think?  Do you like them?