My Review of 'Growing Up With Conference'

Sweetly Made Just For You has a new ebook out.  I don't normally review books or things of that sort, but I justified this because it's not really a book (I don't enjoy reading!), it's a magazine (easier to read - I have commitment issues) full of ideas for my family!  That I can handle, I'm totally on board with that!

Most of my readers would know that I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  You may not know that twice a year we gather together in our homes and church buildings to listen to the Prophet and the 12 Apostles speak to us, along with other leaders.  It is called General Conference.  It is a special time of year and is pretty darn amazing Every. Single. Time!

There is a lot said over a two day period, and although it is like drinking from a well for most of us over the age of 18, it can be like putting a straight jacket on a child!!!  That is a whole lot of listening to do!

But, with a little creativity we can get our kids to listen without them even knowing it! :)  Tell me you know what I'm talking about mom's.  We do this all the time right!?

This book Growing Up With Conference E Book (for just $3.99) is designed to help you with that.

This is a fantastic ebook, full of ideas that are indeed great for General Conference, like the cooperation money and concession stand.  I will be using those in the spring!

But, this is an idea book, and all of the ideas can be used year round.

There are Family Home Evening ideas, many printables for quiet activities, and games.  There are recipes, crafts, idea after idea!  You can use them for your own family, or in a calling you may have, like Primary.

One of my first projects will be creating a quiet book using this free printable, for my kids to look at during sacrament meeting.

I spy conference book via sweetly made just for you

I also like these free printables, to help learn the articles of faith.  You can download those for free via Made Sweetly Just For You.


As I went through this book one thing that I felt impressed to do is to continue to go over these conference talks with my kids.  I always go back and read them, but I my kids don't.  It is important to review, we pick up different things we may have missed.

This printable found on the website and in the ebook is a great reminder.  Print it off and review a talk each week.  That is what I plan to do.  We are starting with the talk 'Joy and Spiritual Survival' by Russell M. Nelson.

This ebook is a great purchase!  I appreciate thoughtful people who use their talents to help me along my way, remind me of what is important, and give me tools to make it easy!  

Buy it here!

All graphics for this post provided by Made Sweetly Just For You.  I was compensated a free ebook to review it for you!  My opinions are of course all my own.