Easy Thankful Sign and Thanksgiving Mantle

If you follow me on Instagram... and you really should because it seems to be easier for me to post there... you would have seen a little teaser for this quick and easy wood sign that I made.  It really was quick and it really was easy, and it sure is cute!  I love it!

easy diy Thanksgiving sign

I picked up some wood from the side of the road a few months back.  Who am I kidding, I do it all the time, there is a pile of it in my garage!  

I wanted to make a sign or two for fall/Thanksgiving, using some wood from my wood pile!

I brought it in last month after sanding it down a bit.  I thought I'd paint on in, maybe the word 'give', or 'thankful' or 'gratitude'.  Then, I was walking through bless-ed Hobby Lobby and saw these metal words, which look better than anything I could ever write/paint.

The light bulb went on and I bought two of them.  The words 'thankful' and 'gather'.  Thank you Hobby Lobby!  You saved me a lot of time!

thankful wood block, thanksgiving decor

I decided to put thankful on this board.  My plan was for it to sit on my mantle, and as much as I love how just the wood looks, I decided to paint the board white before mounting the word.

I used Waverly chalk paint (from Walmart) and brushed it on my board, sure not to cover the whole thing.  After it dried I sanded it nice and smooth.

Before I glued my word to my board using liquid nails, I took out the metal hanging triangles and flattened out the casing.

I glued my word and put it on my block of wood!  I then put some paper down, to protect the metal and layered another block of wood on that, then stacked with more weight.

I let it dry, then removed everything.  And, here she is...

easy thankful sign, thanksgiving decor

I love how it turned out, and it was so easy!

I put it up on my mantle, here is how my mantle looks for Thanksgiving...

As you can see I moved my banner from where it was last year.  I like it here.  Also, those are little lights hanging above the banner.  They look so great turned on in the evening!  I got those massive pumpkins at Home Goods on clearance.  They are so large, which scales well with this fireplace!

I chose to use the 'gather' metal word on a different project, for my kitchen.  Stay tuned for that!


thankful sign