Hexagon Wall - Tween Boy Room - Part 1

hexagon statement wall

This hexagon statement wall, for my son's room turned out awesome!  I am so in love with it!  I wanted some sort of bold statement wall for his room.  Sometimes you just have to wait for the idea to hit.  I'm glad I waited, this is one of my most favorite walls in our house!

I stayed in my JP's all day yesterday, basically!

I did get out of them by 1:50 to go out for a run, in the cold, and wind, and snow.

I under dressed for the occasion, but the benefit to that is I didn't feel my legs aching until after they thawed out!  It was a cold run!  Wasn't sure I wanted to go, but glad I did.

Back to my PJ's.  Wish I could say I spent the morning lounging around in those babies, but if you know me, you know that would just be me lying.  I don't lay around, unless it's midnight.

From the second I was finished getting kids out the door, until I changed into my running clothes, I was in my office painting.  That is where I have been for the past few days, oh and painting a fireplace wall.  I'm excited to share all of that with you!  Watch out, there will be many home posts coming your way.

Before I get there, though... if you follow along on Facebook you know that a couple of weeks ago I started working on G's room.

I have finished 'the wall'.

His room isn't done yet, but 'the wall' is.

I. LOVE. IT!!!!

teen boy room design hexagon

I can't tell you how much I love how it turned out!  

Better than what I imagined in my head, and I have a great imagination!

Here is a bit about the process...

Beginning stages we talked about what he wanted for his new room.

This kid doesn't really care about stuff like room decor!  I started with 'what are your favorite colors?'  Let's pick what colors you'd like in your room.  We came up with our color scheme: orange, blue, grey and black.

Back in November I bought him his orange beadspread, which doesn't look all pretty in these photos, but hey, he's 11!

He is very into rubik's cubes, math etc.  I thought he may appreciate something graphic like that on his wall and I have been wanting to do a bold wall somewhere, anywhere, for a while, like since we've moved in!  When I explained it to him he got excited and we decided on hexagons.

After talking about it a bit we thought it would be cool to cluster the shapes on one side and have them taper off along the other side.  Again, love it!  Turned out amazing!

Months ago I decided I would make a template and trace the hexi's on the wall.

Do you know how hard it is to draw a hexi?  The measurements are all weird!

Here is how it looked on the cardboard before I cut it out.

Fortunately for all of us I held off and waited until after the holidays to get started on anything.

Good thing for me.  I ended up finding these trays at Hobby Lobby, clearance.  I bought them all!  There are 3 larger and 3 smaller.

I used these for my template.  They looked much better than my own hexi!

It was also helpful to have a few, to determine if we wanted to just do hexi's...

Or hexi's and triangles, which happen if you adjust your pattern.

****EDITED TO ADD***** 

So many have asked about the hexagon template. 

I found a hexagon template on Amazon!!  And it has various sizes in the one template.

Also of interest are these mirrored ones!  So cool in a chic office space, with black and white!


G decided on hexagon's only.

I thought these would be fun hanging in the pattern on the feature wall.  Sort of a 3-d element.  Ended up not liking that at the end, but that idea will be incorporated elsewhere in his room.

I knew I wanted a white line between all of the hexi's to separate the color and add contrast.

Since G's room was tan I began with painting this focal wall white.

This is how we bonded one Saturday evening.  I painted and he lay on his bead reading, taking in the fumes!

After 2 coats and drying I started with the shapes.

I just started in a random spot along the middle height along the wall.  I didn't necessarily want them to start at the top and bottom of the wall, I thought they could bleed off.  Ended up not doing that.  Considered putting another row down at the bottom, decided against.  I like how it turned out.  I like that it is more random in where it starts than being perfectly centered in the height of the walls.

I traced my first hexi, with my level, making sure I set the shapes off correctly!

I would tape the hexi, then trace the next one so the measurements all went off the tape lines, because those are important to my look.

I would occasionally bring in my level to make sure I was still on.  Totally recomend that.  I did get off some how and had to bring it back to level with the ceiling.

Here they are all taped off.

As I got to the left side I traced hexi's that I didn't tape, to measure off of them.  I still wanted some order to where they were, but to look like some were missing.

We considered tilting them to make it look more like they broke off and were floating, which would also be cool.

G wanted to keep them all orderly.

My Q came in to help me.  Her job was to put color swatches on the hexi's to make sure we liked the color.  I wanted at least a couple of all white in there.  My only instructions were that element, and to make sure the same colors don't touch.

I only changed around two hexi's on the left, but she nailed it!

I did a couple coats of each color...

All colors are flat, except the black, although I don't think you can tell in the photo.

These two were so excited to pull the tape off.  I was too!

Here it is again.

I like how it looks without the 'G' in there, but didn't take a photo of that.

I had the 'g' sitting in a hexi on the floor and G liked it, so I hung it on the wall.

I also like it with the G!

Like I said, his room isn't done.  I am painting the other walls grey, I want to get him a new desk, we have to hang some things etc.  But, this feature wall, the big project is done!  

He is so happy and I am too!

It feels good to start making our mark on our new home.

diy hexagon wall bold wall