ORC Week 3: Teen Boy Room

Ok I’m horrible! I skipped last week! I knew the challenge for me would be this part, the recording and blogging of this whole One Room Challenge!

And, truth be told, I didn't make a ton of progress last week, other life stuff got in the way. But, I’ve been able to make up for it this week!

Putting time limits on things like this seems to make time go way faster doesn’t it?!

This is week three of six and I’m showing the wall opposite of the hexagon wall.

Initially I was going to paint all the other 3 walls gray, but then I tested out the gray, didn’t like it and we came up with a new plan.

Plan: the two walls next to the hex wall will be white and the wall opposite the hex wall… blue! I let G choose any of those colors from the hexagons, well besides the gray, because we didn’t like that! I guess that left black, orange or blue. We went with blue.

blue paint

Let me give you a little reference. Here is a photo of the room before the hex wall went up.

Pretty please excuse the mess… it makes for better ‘after’ photos! :)

teen boy room

The hex wall is on the wall where the bed is. The blue wall is opposite.

This chest of drawers has come out of the room. It’s too small for my teenager’s clothes. It does no good! We installed a closet organization system instead.

teen boy room

I didn’t take any progress photos. I did, however record the process on my IG stories, which are still up in my ‘house and home’ highlights, if you are interested.

I used Sherwin Williams Showcase paint. It says one coat, but I wasn’t surprised I needed more. With darker colors that’s usually the case. I did at least 2 maybe three? The third was a light, touchup coat. I had to cut in 4 times, I think. I usually have to do that one more time than I do paint.

This color is celestial blue and I got it in eggshell finish.

We love how it turned out. It is a bold color, but it matches the bold statement wall that is opposite of it.

hexagon wall

The plan currently, is to put a new desk against this wall. A clean, sleek white modern desk.

The backup plan is to put a larger bookcase on this wall and put a smaller desk where the old desk currently is, near the bed. We shall see!

Here is a look at the wall again, not completed, obviously, but to show the color. It has since been completed AND I’ve started cutting in white on the tan wall next to this blue one! Hooray!

Be sure to check back next week, when all of the painting will be complete, and new furniture picked out (fingers crossed)!

I’m glad to be participating in the One Room Challenge! Be sure to click on through to see how everyone else is doing on their projects!