Halloween Decor 2018

Alrighty! Here we go! I feel like such a winner for having this up before Halloween! I took pictures last year, but never got them posted!

After Halloween it seems mute, actually at this point it seems a little silly as well. In this world of photos and pinning I feel like I have to post things a month before they actually happen, like ya’ll don’t have the desire to see Halloween décor when Halloween actually happens!


I’ll start in the kitchen. The last couple of years I have decorated the kitchen in black and white. I decided to change it up this year and did cute and colorful in the kitchen.

Let’s start at my buffet. I started with these paper fans as my backdrop. They were in the front entry last year. I love having them here! They are colorful and fun. I bought the fans at TJMaxx I think. I added in a few of the black and white ones that I just had on hand. I know you can find these on Amazon, at Party City, Even Michaels and Joann’s has them. They are great to have on hand, to decorate with!

If you choose to do a paper fan background, a word to the wise, tape does not hold these fans! The mini command hooks are a must! It really stinks to go through all the work of patterning and hanging only to come down the next day and see most of your fans on your floor, not where you put them! :)

halloween decor kitchen (3).jpg

The new additions this year were the witch bust and the boo sign. I love to shop end of season clearance and I got some great stuff last year! This year stuff is already sold out! I don’t think there will be much Halloween clearance. Good thing I already have enough… at least that is what I tell myself, then forget that very sentiment when I see something new!

paper fan backdrop (1).jpg
halloween decor kitchen (2).jpg

Here is what I did on my kitchen table, as my center piece. I like to keep it low profile for easy, unblocked conversation.

halloween decor kitchen (6).jpg

I started with the striped table runner, then added pumpkins, then candles, crows and skulls, then filled with the purple fern. Layer, layer, layer!

Also in the kitchen is this little nook. I brought this church pew into this bay window this spring. It was in the front hall. I’ve been looking for a bench… this fits the style in my kitchen better than in the front hall, so maybe I’ll keep it here.

halloween wreath (2).jpg

I created this Halloween wreath several years ago. I found the grapevine wreath, which was covered in 80’s décor, on the side of the road. I brought it home and gave it a new life, as my Halloween wreath. It is serious in size! It’s is too big for my door! Really, I have to be careful when I’ve chosen to have it on my door, to not shut anything in the door! I have had it here the past couple of years.

halloween wreath (3).jpg

The last little bit of décor I’ll share is on my island. I have enjoyed changing up the color schemes this year. I didn’t know I’d like orange and green, but I do!

halloween decor (2).jpg


My family room Halloween mantle has been colorful in the past. This year I wanted to try a black and white Halloween mantle. Turns out I didn’t like it! Must. Have. Color!

Last year I bought a bunch of these wine colored decorations. I tried them, and liked them in this room. They add just enough color for me to feel satisfied!

Also new this year (bought at the end of the season last year, of course, cause that’s how I roll) are these statues. The tree, skeleton stack and Frankenstein couple. They are a good scale for this large and in charge fireplace and mantle.

Ok, ok, enough words! Here are photos!

halloween mantle (3).jpg


That bench in the kitchen used to be here in the entry. I like it better in the kitchen. This will look different next year, because I hope to have a couple of chairs here… and wallpaper too!

I bought this large web for the outside, but I just didn’t have the umph to do the outside this year, other than changing a few things on the porch. Maybe next year?

Anyway, I decided to put this web up here in the entry and I like it!

I got these two purple trees on clearance at Target a few Christmas’ ago. They are now my Halloween trees. I had some little skulls on there. I want to find more things to ‘decorate’ them with. Again, maybe next year!

halloween ideas (7).jpg

If you are following along on Instagram… and of course you should be… You saw that I went ahead and switched out that black spider for a silver one. I like the silver better. It’s easier to see.

Last is this little vignette here by my office.

halloween ideas (2).jpg

There you go! That is the majority of it. I kept the living room decorated in fall and I changed our loft area, but actually didn’t ‘finish’ it. I’m just going to leave it as is and change it back to fall in a few days.

Since life has gotten a little busier for me, out of the house, I have recruited these growing children to help me with the schlepping at least! It makes all of the decorating a bit more enjoyable.

I enjoy this time of year! Even though it is a bunch of work to carry bins, take stuff out, put stuff up, take it down, and repeat for the next several holidays, it’s worth it to me! It is an art form that I love and I think my family loves, having festivities all over the place.

Now is the fun part… having all the people over to see all of the festivities! Happy Halloween!