ORC Week 5: Painting and Furniture

Here we are in week 5 of the One Room Challenge.


To be honest, I’ll reveal that when I started this I was like pffft, 6 weeks to get this room done? How am I going to stretch that ouuuut… Because it wouldn’t take 6 weeks to get this room done!

Insert little crying/laughing emojis here! Oh the fool that I am! Of course it is taking 6 weeks! With all of the other things always going on, this gets pushed right on down that list!

But, all of the painting is done and now all of the furniture is ordered ANNNND the new desk came yesterday! Hooray!

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I’m working on my oldest son’s bedroom. The one with the cool hexagon wall…

hexagon wall

All of the walls have been painted! The wall opposite the hex wall is painted the blue in those hexagons.

The two side walls are now painted white. Initially I thought I would paint them gray, a step or two up from the gray hexagons, but after getting it on the wall we decided we didn’t like it and went with white.

big boy room

Here are photos of the process.

I don’t tape off anymore. I just cut in. Anyone else over taping?

I REEEeeeallly wish all of the trim in this house was white, but it just isn’t, and there is just so much of it, it will always be cream! At least it’s not wood trim!

I try to select warmer whites, so the doors and trim don’t look yellow. In this room though, I like the brighter white. We’ll just have to deal with the off white trim. There are bigger dragons to slay, really!

I’m going to leave all that undone paint up there! I will show you the finished pictures when it’s ‘finished’!

Just a few days ago my son and I sat down to order him a few things for his room.

1- new desk

The little blue desk in this room is old. I got it used and refinished it to the blue beauty it is now. It has been in G’s room since he was 7 maybe? It’s time for a new desk, to get him through these high school years. Of course I wanted something more modern for this room. I selected a few and he decided on this one from Overstock.com.

white modern desk boy room

2- new bookcase

The mini size bookcase, that we spent $20 on was great for the little books we used to have. This boy is a reader and has a nice little collection going. His books are spilling out onto the floor! Plus I wanted more space to display trophies, cubes and other things that he likes. Here is the one we decided on, again from Overstock.com. We got this in black, since it will be on the white wall.

modern bookcase

3- new headboard

When we first moved in here my girlfriend saw G’s room and asked, “He doesn’t mind that he has a girl bed frame?” Hahahah!!! I was like, it’s white! How is it a girl bed?

It had been a girl bed, actually! My daughter’s. Does it look girly?

Whatever, he didn’t mind, he’s great that way!

It is now time for an upgrade. We got a full sized bed in the spring, it’s currently in the basement. We are bringing that up for him, so we got a new headboard.

Before G got all big I’d asked him if he wanted a bigger bed. His answer was no, mostly because he didn’t want to go through the effort of changing around his room! Silly. Now that he is becoming all manly I think a full sized bed fits him better. He looks so big on that twin! This will be a good upgrade for him.

It’s nothing fancy, fancy doesn’t fit this room. Black with simple lines.

black headboard

My work is cut out for me this week, putting stuff together. This is one of the many fun parts though.

I need to get him a nightstand and some new bedding, since he’s going from a twin to a full… right? Right.

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