Leather Trim and Cutouts

I love clothes, and I love new clothes, but I also like to try to wear the older items in my closet.  This look is built with pieces that are all several years old, but have never been worn together.

I am trying to not buy new clothes for myself this month for #nospendoctober.  It will be a challenge, but I look forward to wearing clothes that I've not worn for a while.  We'll see if I can do it!

leather trim top

This leather trim top came from TJMaxx.  I love the faux leather trim on it, and that it's fall colored, but short sleeved.

This skirt is an oldie from Forever 21.  It was too short for me, so I took out the hem at the bottom.  It was a healthy hem!  I got another 2 inches! 

These black booties, with the cutouts, came from Charlotte Russe and I love them, still. 

cut out booties

None of these items are available any more, however I did link several similar items below.  A couple of full skirts, leather trimmed tops and cute booties with cutouts.