3 Ways I've Been Wearing My Wine

I don't drink wine, haven't ever tasted it actually. 

But, I can appreciate some wine, all over my clothes, that is.  I love this color and have been wearing it a bunch lately.  Here are 3 ways I've worn wine recently.  Maybe it will spark some outfit ideas for you.


1 - On My Legs

Pants.  I bought some wine colored pants last year from Nordstrom Rack.  I love them and wore them recently with this fabulous charcoal cozy sweater.  I love this comfy look!

long sweater, wine pants

Here are some wine colored pants to shop...

And, in case you are interested, here are some options for the other items from this look.

2 - With A Bold Graphic

We have had some amazing weather this 'fall'.  Really, by now most years we are basically in winter weather!  I still want to dress for fall, so I paired my wine colored shirt with a graphic skirt.  It was nice and cool for the warm temp and still looked like fall.  Really, look at that sunshine!

When wearing a loose fitting top, that is longer especially, it's fine to go with a form fitting bottom.  Bring on the bodycon!

wine top graphic skirt

Shop cute wine colored tops...

Here are some cute graphic skirts and sandals.

3 - Textured Skirt

I recently went to a fundraiser and struggled with what to wear!  My husband told me the attire was 'business casual'.  Seriously I felt so lost!!  I used to work in a business environment and I tried to channel getting ready in those days.  It stressed me out! 

This is the look I went with, which has so much texture all over.  A woman I was just meeting that night apologized as she reached out to touch my sweater.  Just wanted to feel it!  Glad it was my sweater (on the shoulder) and not my skirt!  Just kidding, we all know I'd be fine with that too.

asymetric sweater wine skirt

Here are some fun, interesting wine skirts to shop...

And, here are some booties with a little sass as well as sweater options with great texture.