A Little Bit of Rocker - Moto Vest and Lace

During HOCO week (see that, I'm such a hip cool mom!), one of the days the kids dressed up as either rappers or rockers.  My girl chose a rapper.  I told her I was, and always will be a rocker... if given the choice between those two.  Really I'm more of an Indie/Alternative girl now, but I don't know how you dress up as that!

There is a little, mature rocker, coming through in this look.  A little leather and lace never hurt nobody!  And I really mean that, because I'm wearing faux leather!  Really, nothing was hurt!

leather vest lace skirt

Both this white shirt and the moto vest came from Nordstrom Rack.  And I can't even remember where I got these booties!  Here are some cute options for you to shop, to create this look.

I got this skirt from Burlington a couple of years ago.  Have you seen the commercials?  They are trying to rebrand - not just for coats!  True story!

Here are some cute lace skirt options:

And, last, I adore this cuff I got from Stella and Dot.  It isn't available anymore, but I am equally in love with this lacey one.  I may have to add that to my collection!

Which are you?  Rocker or Rapper?