Chambray to the Rescue

Hi friends!  Happy Sunday to you!  This is a special Sunday for us.  We get to listen to what is called General Conference.  It is a time all members of our church - world wide - gather in homes or church buildings to listen to (what we believe is) the living Prophet and the 12 apostles here on the earth today!  There are meetings on both Saturday and Sunday, as well as meetings for the women of the church and the men.  It is a beautiful, uplifting thing.  Curious at all?  You can listen to any talk on repeat at  One of my favorites from yesterday was Elder Holland's talk.  He references Christ's sermon on the mount in a thought- provoking way.  Maybe it isn't about what we should and shouldn't be, but about what God is.  Thank you for the reminder and AMEN!

Anyway.  Today I'm sharing how I wore this cute skirt.  Chambray was the answer this time.  Even untucked and being chambray, this look is pulled together and nice.  That is something I love about chambray, it's like a chameleon, adapting to whatever you put it with!

I wore my cute booties instead of heels.  It was a nice balance of looking nice, but not too dressed up.

chambray and stripe skirt
skirt with booties
chambray top

Here are some options for you!  Of course this very skirt is no longer available, but you certainly can create a similar look.