Fits Like A Glove - Fitted Jaquard Dress

The thing that I love about wearing skirts is that I get to change what I wear them with, I get to change the look and style it different every time I put one on.  That being said, you just can't underestimate the simplicity of a well fitted, cute and simple dress.  It's an easy look to put together, no muss, no fuss.  And, putting a dress on and feeling it fit like a glove = very satisfying!

I got both of these dresses from Down East Basics last summer, shopping in UT.  It fit so well I decided it was fine to have them both, plus I got a crazy deal on them.  Down East has great options, still, for dresses like this.  It is a beautiful cut, fitted, classy, modest and easy.



Same dress, different color.  I wore this dress to church on Christmas Eve.  Snowy white.  It was the perfect plain back drop for this fabulous necklace!  I got this last year when I went to visit Molly in TX.  I found it in an antique shop.  Of course I had to have it! 

One of my favorite things is watching my best friend just shake her head at me loving crazy stuff like this, and knowing full well I intend to have and wear it!  She and I are very different that way! 

Don't you think for a moment any of those jewels are real!  The necklace only cost about $24.  BUT, it's my princess necklace.  Really, it's fabulous right? 

winter tweed dress
gold sparkle heels
white dress emerald necklace

Gold heels finish off my winter look. 

Side note: When I tried this dress on this summer it fit more snug than it does today.  Although I weigh about the same, it's nice to know my body has changed #muscle gain.