How To Style a Blanket Scarf

It is certainly the season for scarves galore!  I've been wearing them around our house as well as out and about.  I can't seem to stay warm this season!  One of our furnaces went out, that may have something to do it.  I have been sitting in front of the fire a lot!

In this post I styled this cute blanket scarf.  They are cozy warm, literally like wearing a small blanket!  Sometimes I feel like there is just too much fabric to put it all around my neck like a regular scarf.  I styled this one with one end in the front and one in the back.  That alleviated some of the bulk around my neck, but still kept me nice and warm.


This blanket scarf is from  They have a huge selection of scarves and beanies.  I went with this winter blue, since there is plenty of that where I live! has offered each of you 20% off of each and every purchase... and that offer does not expire!  Fantastic right?  Go get yourself a scarf, and buy some to give as gifts! 

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