Ruffles and Houndstooth

This week, in large part, has been about my oldest turning 15 years old.  Yes 15!  It's so crazy I have a child that old!  Some of my high school friends kept me in check a little, reminding me that they have full-on adult children!!  They are much older than me!  There, that feels better!  Time is so weird, and it is flying by.

I hope this has been a good week for you.

How do you update a classic print like hounds tooth?  I guess you really don't need to, it is a timeless print.  But, changing the color, making it bold, certainly is an update. 

I wore this pink houndstooth skirt with my new long sleeve ruffle top and my velvet shoes, which I've had for several years.

A couple of weeks ago, as I was walking into church, I was reminded that this is the time for boots, to cover my legs!  Why haven't I been wearing my boots!  My legs were sort of freezing.  I need to get my boots out!

herringbone skirt ruffle shirt