Bold with Faux Fur

Hey!  Did you all have a wonderful Christmas?  I hope so.  It was a great day for us, full of much needed relaxing.

Do you follow along on IG?  I told the story there, of my daughter who came clean to me, that this vest is not her favorite!  She told me she cringed a little when I wore it!!!  So funny!  I'm ok that my style choices are different than my 14 year old daughter, although I do respect her opinion!

What about you?  Would you ever wear an ombre faux fur vest as fabulous as this?!  Believe me, it is a head turner!  And, I firmly believe we should all have a few things in our closets that are bold, make us feel a little different and unique.

faux fur vest
faux fur vest
how to wear fur vest

What do you think?  I know the vest is a little bold, but why not go for it?  It's fun to wear unique things every now and then.

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