Lilla Rose Flexi Clip

Have you heard of Lilla Rose?  You can see their product here at Lila Rose Hair Awesome...

They have many beautiful products, but the special, unique item they sell is this flexi clip.

I was sent one to try out from Jennifer.  I'm so glad!  I love it!

I chose this gold one, since I'm sort of into gold right now.  They have so many to choose from though.

I like that the two pieces are connected, so you don't have to worry about losing each piece!  Also, there are three grip spots for varied hairstyles and hair amounts.  This is a quality piece!  It's heavy, but light and flexible.  

This one is the large size and it fits a ton of hair!  In fact, my next one will be a medium size, so I can do different hairstyles with it.

The one I got is beautiful. I had fun playing with some different hairstyles, experimenting with it.

On the website they show you how to wear this clip, give you great ideas.  You can also find them here on Jennifer's Pretty Hair Page.

This hairstyle was done by first putting my hair in a low pony, then a braid.  I then wrapped my hair around into a bun and clipped it with my flexiclip.  It was super simple to do and held for the whole day!  

Check it out!  Contact Jennifer for your orders!  

And, thank you Jennifer for sending me one!  I love it!