Winter Cranberry Sparkle

Happy Sunday!  I hope it is wonderful, and rejuvenating for you.

I love getting dressed up on Sunday and the Sunday's of December are my favorite!  It's like I'm dressing for a celebration each week!

I got this top this summer and this is the first I've worn it.  I paired it with my leather skirt, and belted it.

I did my hair in a french twist with a braided bun at the bottom.


Little note:  I wore my belt backwards so it would be all black in the front! :)

These items are all older so you can't currently find them, but, here are some similar options to create this same look.

TOP: Downeast Basics //  Zulilly burgundy with black sequins  // Rachel Zoe

LEATHER SKIRT WITH PANEL: TJMaxx // Joe Fresh // Calvin Klein

SHOES: Charlotte Russe // black velvet heel  // fabulous embossed bootie