The Blanket That Thinks It's A Scarf!

Do you own a blanket scarf?

I've had this for a while, but just haven't been sure how I feel about how giant it is.  It's like wearing fashionable football pads!

I went to a gathering the day I wore this outfit and someone told me it looked like I'd lost weight!  I told her it looked that way because of the giant blanket around my shoulders!  It acted like shoulder pads... adding volume to my top, so my bottom looked smaller.  Maybe I do like the blanket scarf! :)

blanket scarf
how to wear a blanket scarf

I wore it with this gray sweatshirt dress, some teal leggings and my riding boots.  

sweatshirt dress and blanket scarf

This will probably be the only one I own.  

I do like this look though, and the blanket scarf is quite warm!  

SWEATSHIRT DRESS: TJMaxx // Alternative Dress // United Dress

BLANKET SCARF: Nordstrom Rack // Saachi Splurge // Collection Scarf

LEGGINGS: Target // Uniqulo

RIDING BOOTS: Marshalls // Journee