I Get It... Jumpsuit Convert!

h&m jumpsuit, how to wear jumpsuit

Hey guys!  Happy Saturday to all!  I really didn't think it would take me all week to get this post done, but, summer is almost over so we are full of play, I celebrated my birthday this week, did some photo shoots, it has just been too busy to blog!

My friend Lynette has been wearing jumpsuits for a couple of years.  In fact, when she came to visit me a couple of years ago I laughed at her!  Who wants to dress in baby clothes, because that is how I think of a one piece article of clothing!

Well, it has taken me two years, but this summer, on a whim I just tried one on, in H&M, then I tried on another one, because it was so dang cute!  I came home with 3.  I can admit that I was wrong and I have been missing out!  These things are so comfy and freakin cute!

So, go, go try on a jumpsuit!  See if your pride has kept you from this little treasure! :)

JUMPSUIT: H&M // DEMI TEE UNDERSHIRT: Downeast Basics // SANDALS: Forever 21 // EARRINGS: Target (different option) // NECKLACE: Touchstone Crystal (affordable option)