Wearing - Linen Joggers

It is beginning to feel like fall!  The air has chilled a little.  I love it for running, and for dressing!  Fall is my very favorite.  I love sweatshirts and shorts, pants and short sleeves, and I love putting on sweaters at the beginning of the season.

linen jogger, coral jogger

These linen joggers are fab.  Love them, love the fit.  I love coral in the spring with soft colors, and coral in the fall with rich colors like olive.  I may wear these again before it really gets cool.

how to wear joggers

Are you a fan of the jogger?  Have you tried it yet?  I got my first pair this spring.  See how I wore those in this post.

I styled these with an easy loose fitting tshirt and sandals.  They aren't available any longer, neither is the T, but below I provided some options for you.  Any combination would look great!

TOP: Nordstrom Rack (feather option//California T)  //  LINEN JOGGER: Anthropologie (cameo JCP option// olive Anthro option) //  SANDALS: Marshalls (H&M option//Minnetonka option) // BAR GOLD EARRINGS //