The Rare Dusty Rose

high low skirt, dusty rose shoes, lace top, sunday look

Hey guys!  Happy Sunday!  I'm excited to share today's look with you!  I love this look. 

The star are these shoes, which after looking for them online, (so you can buy them too) made me feel even more glad I found them!  I can't find them online, like anywhere!  And, trying to find similar ones is also a challenge, unless you are up for spending $300!  Below I linked options that are at least the same color.

I got them at Ross, which I don't even have here (got them in UT), so you will have to find one near you and see if you can find these shoes.  I can't wait to wear them more this fall!

Both my top and skirt are old items from my closet.  My shoes, again, were the item I started with, to build this look around.  I seriously haven't worn this top in years!  Glad I didn't get rid of it.