Winter/January Decor... The Rest

It feels like it has taken me forever, this year, to get all of my stuff packed up and put away.  I guess I got held up by my own obsession with packing things efficiently, so next year will go smooth.  I try to pack my stuff into 'rooms' now, but because I also have winter stuff, some of my tubs aren't full before going back downstairs.  I'm sure I'll just end up putting things in whatever bin is open.  Which, is really fine, right?  It all has to come upstairs anyway, it all get puts out anyway!  

Bottom line: sometimes I spend too much time worrying about silly things and it slows me down.  Life lesson right there! :)

Things are finally put away, with the exception of my outside stuff, which I'll take down today.  I also want to cut off the dead lights.  I'll restring lights next year.

I already showed my winter decor in our kitchen.


Today I'll show you the living room, family room and entry.

I have taken winter down upstairs and will decorate for birthday up there!  I love to make my birthday people feel special their whole month long.  Q is lucky and gets a month all to herself.  Everyone else has to share.  I'll show you that too, in a later post.

I loved my mantle in the living room for Christmas.  I'm just not ready to take it down!  So, I made a few changes to it, so it looks winter-y, not Christmas-y.  That way I can keep it up for a while still.  AND, there is pink in here... it may totally stay up through Valentines Day!  

I took down all the green garland and replaced it with white poinsettia's (I can never spell that right, love spell check!)  I took the gold ornaments out and just left the pink and purple ones.  I added back in, the icicle-looking picks, and these two snowflakes that light up. 


Our front hall feels so empty without the tree there!  Clean, I keep telling myself it feels clean, really it just feels naked!

I decorate this area white for Christmas, so in here I mostly thin out the decor, and disperse it through the kitchen and family room.  I flipped my Christmas pillow around, so it's just white and brought in a new winter pillow.  The silver trees that were in here are now in the family room.

winter decor entry

I don't think I included this area in my Christmas tour.  Here it is for winter.

And my white tree is back.  I haven't put snowflakes on it this year.  I don't think I will. 

I made those little sweater candle covers last year, out of an old sweater.  

You see this little area right as you come in my front door.  These new blue snowflakes are new this year.  Note those silver trees, because I'm posting about those next!


My family room has winter decor on the mantle, above our TV and in my glass cabinet.  I just found these snowflake lights this year too!  I love them.  I like that I can still light up my mantle!

Ugh, excuse the light fixtures.  Still can't stand those... bothers me every time I photograph my fireplace!  Those are on the list!

I like to have blue colored pillows on the couch this time of year.  Winter blues...

I made these white trees out of cones and Epson salt.  You can see that blog post here.  They are super easy to make!

And this little bit of decor was as easy as putting a snowflake on a white wood block #supseasy!

Have I inspired you to decorate for winter?  

You may have to be a little wackadoodle to want to, I guess!  It's some work, and you still have to put it away a few weeks later, but call me crazy, I still love to do it!