Make Those Tinsel Trees Pretty

I love these silver trees, really I do!  I have a bunch of them and I love them, all silvery and pretty.

What I don't love are those ugly plastic pieces that keep the tree standing upright?  They ruin the pretty I'm trying to make happen.  Am I right? 

So, I have to strategically place them in situations where I can cover the ugly plastic, like so...


This year I decided I would make use of these random glass containers I have not been able to let go of, sure that they would someday serve a purpose...

Uh-oh, what just happened?  Positive reinforcement just happened!  Proof that I am justified in holding onto things I may never use...or may use!

I threw away all of those ugly plastic pieces and found permanent places for these cute tinsel trees.

I used 3 little white sake cups (at least that is what they look like) and 3 square glass containers, you could find these at the dollar store, surely.  The one's I have are an etched glass, so you can't see through them.

I started with my trees, threw out the plastic, and plugged in my glue gun!

I used styrofoam spheres that I had in my stash.  I sliced the bottom off, so they would sit flat in my containers.

styrofoam trees
styrofoam for tinsel trees

Next, holding the styrofoam flat on the table I pushed the plastic bottom of my tree into the foam.  For the smaller foams I actually carved a bit out prior to placing my tree in.  My initial try resulted in the ball just splitting, because there was so much plastic going in.  

Additionally to secure, you can glue the plastic before placing it in the foam.

My final step was putting glue on the inside of my dish, and placing the foam ball inside.

make tinsel trees cute

Use some silver tinsel to cover the foam, if needed.

tinsel trees in glass holders

There we go!  Much better!  These are pretty trees!  These make me happy.