Protein Pancakes and Running January 9-14

I tend to go in waves with what I eat.  I'll eat one thing for a week or two, then switch to something else.  I don't need variety, especially when it comes to breakfast!  Sometimes it just feels like a chore, right?

Have you tried Kodiak Cakes?  They are so good, and protein packed!

I like to make one big pancake, put some honey and some sort of fruit on it, and eat up.  

They are nice and filling and I love the whole wheat taste, reminds me of homemade break my mom used to make.  She would mill the wheat herself!



Here is my log for last week.  This week I want to add more miles in which may mean doubling up on my run days, or getting a run in the days I go to OTF.  We'll see how it works out, want to start getting more miles in there.

Monday: treadmill run 5

Depending on weather there may be more Monday treadmill workouts in my future.  I volunteer on Monday's and after that I run errands.  I like to get my workout done in the AM.  Sometimes it's just so cold in the morning.  I don't mind running on the treadmill.  Monday I watched me some Fixer Upper and the time went quickly.

Check out my Monday Workout here.


Tuesday: 4 outside - beat the bus

Tuesday I kept putting off the run, busy with other things.  I got out with a little anxiety about beating the bus.  These runs aren't as relaxing for me, but the anxiety puts a little pep in my step!


Wednesday: OTF - body weight challenge

This was a good challenging day.  The run was tough, had some good inclines and I felt challenged squatting and squatting, then running more inclines!  It's always a good workout, what can I say?


Thursday: rest day

Needed this day!  My body was tired and sore.  I fell into bed all three of these nights.  Working out and all the running around is exhausting sometimes!


Friday: 8 miles outside


Saturday: OTF with Matt

Saturday was such a busy day!  Glad we could hit OTF in the morning together.  This isn't really Matt's scene, but he is trying it.  I'm glad.  Sometimes a good switch up is what we need to motivate us.  Did some new exersices with the TRX strap.  I like trying new things!


Total miles for the week, not counting whatever I ran at OTF (I usually run around 3 miles) = 17