#fail - That is What Last Week Felt Like!

Some weeks are just hard.  Sometimes the miles feel hard, sometimes my body hurts, sometimes it's hard to feel motivated, sometimes running just feels hard.  Sometimes there are a million other things that seem like they should hold higher priority and it's hard to remember that this usually benefits me when it's right at the top of my list.

Last week it was rainy and dark, all week!  It is, in fact still dark, although not rainy.  I do miss the sunshine!  It was hard to feel motivation to run on Monday and Tuesday.  So, I didn't run.

This is my IG post, from when I finally went running on Wednesday!

Thursday I went to OT to work out.


Friday was my big girls birthday.  I felt some stress that day, not gonna lie.  Taking the time to run felt challenging.  I got myself going though.  I ended up on my treadmill, for 30 minutes, power walking it on an incline.  It actually was a pretty good workout!

Saturday morning I hit OT again.  It was a tough workout!  It kicked my butt and I was exhausted at the end. 

So, I only got one run in last week.  That won't fly as these next weeks approach!  I will actually be on the training calendar soon.  Ideally I'd like to be a week or so ahead.  This week I intend to work hard!


quinoa and chicken salad

This week's lunch feature is actually leftovers from the night before.  I made us a quinoa salad using quinoa, chicken, white beans, cucumber, tomato and feta cheese.  I topped it with balsamic vinaigrette.  This kids picked out a bunch of their chicken, so my serving had a ton in it.  Fine with me!