Running into 2017 - And A Salad

'What are your fitness goals?'

The lady at OTF asked M this question before he started his first workout there.

When they asked me this question, and again when I heard it asked to M, my mind went blank.  Ummm, I don't really have any 'goals', I just want to keep doing what I'm doing and enter some races.

I guess that means I'm in a good place.?

I'm not focused on weight loss although, if I'm being honest, I would love to loose a few more lbs.  I know they will come off as I focus on training, and clean up my late night eating, so I'm not really worried about that.  My weight isn't my fitness, does that make sense?  I know I am healthy, I'm active, I eat well.  I'd say I'm pretty fit.

I do think it's important to look forward, to reach for something, to try to better me and the things I choose to spend my time doing.  Last year was off for me.  I didn't make many goals, I needed a break.  I took it, and that break served it's purpose, to make me hungry for running again.

So, here are the 'goals' or things I'd like to continue or complete in 2017...

  • Continue OTF.  This has been a great addition to my days.  I feel stronger by going.
  • Finish the Buffalo Marathon (May)
  • Run a 50K (June)
  • Do another sprint Triathlon (August)
  • Run a 13.1 each month
  • Race a 10k and a 5k
  • Re-qualify for Boston

I want to find a race to do while I'm in UT this summer.  Maybe a HM or maybe that is when I race a 10 or 5k.  I also want to do some trail running while I'm there, up in the mountains.

I will consider a fall marathon as the year goes on.

What about you?  Do you have fitness goals?  What do you want to accomplish physically this year?  Do you enjoy racing?


So this post isn't a total bore for you... take a look at this yum salad I made for lunch yesterday.

salad with pomegranate

It is made with greens, cucumber, quinoa, pomegranate, cashews and feta, with some chicken on the side.  Put a little balsamic vinagarette on that = yuuuum!  Totally eating it again today.


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