10 things - Week 1

I am happy to get back to regularly scheduled blog posts!

Each Saturday I intend to share 10 things, 10 little tidbits from our lives recently.  This is our family life, motherhood, each child, and randoms from the week.  (I realize this is a day late, but I hope to do better!)

I hope you'll join me each week and connect with our family!

In no particular order...

1 - Rollerblading.  

A couple of days ago the boys went outside to play.  They got on their snow stuff, per usual.  I didn't think anything of it, but then saw a little person speeding by the window!  O had put his roller blades on and was skating on the snowy driveway, cruising around with his hockey stick!  I thought it was so random, but I loved it!  


2 - Marshmallow Popcorn.

 I made this yum treat for New Year's.  I think I'll make it again tonight for family movie time.  It's so easy!  

  • Pop a bag of popcorn, or two bags (if you like it extra gooey use one bag, for me 1.5 bags is perfect), clear out all of the unpopped kernels as you dump the popcorn into a bowl.
  • Melt a bag of marshmallows (like you would for rice krispy treats) with 3 Tlbs of butter.
  • Remove the melted marshmallow from the heat and dump over your popcorn, stir it in.
  • Add any toppings you'd like!

I did one batch with M&M's and sprinkles, and one batch with Reese's Pieces and peanuts.  If you add toppings let the marshmallow cool down a bit before adding them, so they don't melt.  Soooo good!

marshmallow popcorn


3 - Grapefruit.  

Who knew grapefruit would be such a hit?  I haven't bought it in such a long time.  M bought a whole bag recently.  They are already gone!  My kids are loving grapefruit right now.  I have to say I am too!


4 - Old Lady.  

Oh aging!  I need to write the things I love and don't love about aging - as I type that I wonder if there are any pros?!  Sometimes I feel like I'm a grandma already, in my 39 year old body.  All over my house there are tissue boxes, and in every pocket of almost every piece of clothing I own, you will find tissue!  I keep in in my bra strap, in my pack pocket, in my purse, everywhere!  M, of course teases me nonstop about it, and frankly is a little grossed out by me, but what the crap, my nose is always running!!!  Not stuffy cold like boogers, just post nasal drip!  

I remember my grandma having the same issue, and keeping her kleenex in her bra!  I'm my grandma... already!


5 - Haircuts

This week I gave the boys haircuts.  It is something I like to do about as much as laundry!  But, I'd rather cut their hair then take them to someone.  Really how do you schedule that in?  The boys are good about it now, much better than in years past.  It goes pretty fast, but still, I dread it when it comes around!


6 - Christmas Clearance

Last year was the beginning of our after Christmas shopping tradition.  Of course I have shopped and found stuff for years on my own, but last year my man took me out on a date and he bought me a whole bunch of Christmas clearance!  It was fabulous!  First, the fact that he was shopping with me was treat enough, then to have him buy stuff for our home.  Amazing!  

We found some fabulous stuff!  When we went this year we both felt like there wasn't really anything.  We got some stuff, but mostly I was dissapointed with selection.  

I love to search the clearance stuff, not only for the following Christmas, but also for things I can use at other times of the year.  For example silver and gold candles can be used all year in my Living room.  Red paper fans can totally be used for Valentine's.  I'm open to all deals and can find a way to use most things! :)

I went early this week to two more stores and scored!  I love getting good deals!  When I lay it all out to take a photo of it I see that yep, I still did pretty good!  I got some stuff for outside, some new ornaments, some advent items, winter decor, lights and a cute pillow I will use all year round!


7 - Building Together

They both got plain Lego's for Christmas, from Q.  They were so excited to add to their colored tower!  I love when they both work together, for the same cause.  It doesn't always happen, but it is sure peaceful when it does!  Thank you Lego's!  

PS - you can see that one of these kids is mad that I'm taking his photo right?


8 - Was Last Night Thanksgiving?

It would appear, based on this photo, that we had some sort of feast here at our house!  I literally washed every pot and pan that we own on Friday!  What?  How?  I had to stop and think what we ate the night before!  It wasn't anything fancy.  I just made pasta, steamed broccoli and a pesto sauce.  That should only be 3 pans, right?  I guess the fact that M made his own dinner, and used three of his own pots, plus the pan I used in the morning to make eggs, all add up to this huge pile of dished that I found myself doing.  Stinkin dishes!


9 -  Squash Is The Bomb

Why?  I'll tell you why.  You can buy them, and then have them sit on your counter for a good month, before you decide what to do with them, and they are still good!  That is some courtesy, am I right?


10 - Girl Time

Over break Q and I watched 'Twilight' and all this week we have been binge watching Dance Mom's.  It has been awesome to laugh, giggle, tease, gasp, snack and snuggle with my girl.  She's pretty much awesome and I'm so glad she is my buddy.  Love her!